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  1. shadowstorm.

    T4L vs ezu 4v4

    Great match
  2. shadowstorm.

    RPG - 2013

    I found them while I was digging through old files and wanted to upload them here. RPG attacking CP base Planning to raid on EKT base Photos with the old fam
  3. shadowstorm.

    Sugestie Gang Events

    I would go with a more /garena-like concept
  4. shadowstorm.

    Gwar T4L vs. ESU - WON

    Keep it up, my King
  5. shadowstorm.

    T4L -WA

    I've taught you well, my child.
  6. shadowstorm.


    ce e drujba frate ? zic in engleza si multumesc
  7. Photo of your /gstats Day: 6/8/2018 23/10/2018 20/6/2019 The difference of your gpoints: 12k GPs Other Info: I wanted to post my own personal record of GPs. I broke my old record today in achieving 30k GPs.
  8. shadowstorm.

    La multi ani [RSS]AnDrEy

    Happy birthday bro, Enjoy your day !!
  9. Players that post reply at this complaint but doesn't have to do anything with the complaint will be banned. Name on RSS: [T4L.OuTlawz]Maka Player's name: (Dl.PoWeR)xxCaponexx Reason: Abuses capture bug Evidence: Notice in the first video how he stands at the cp doing nothing but waiting for us to kill him and quickly afterward he uses /capture in order to abuse the bug. P.S: It's not his first, He also has done it on multiple occasions and I asked him to relog and end the abuse but he ignored me. This dude is literally a cancer cell.
  10. shadowstorm.

    New map /de

    Good map, PRO
  11. shadowstorm.

    La multi ani [T4L.OuTlawz]bogdan.

    happy birthday bro
  12. shadowstorm.

    vs [RoA.Legends]ANw_

    Great !!
  13. shadowstorm.

    T4L - Outlawz Team

    T4L's backbone and what keeps T4L going this far
  14. shadowstorm.

    IQ LEVEL 100

    Unfair at all, Give him an extra 50 points for the second attempt...