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  1. [Loyal.p]BlackevilS


    UPC the best never die! ARRRRRRRRRRRR
  2. [Loyal.p]BlackevilS

    La multi ani DROP🥳

    lma bro
  3. [Loyal.p]BlackevilS

    Inactivity [Loyal.p]BLACK3VIL$

    Numele meu pe server: [Loyal.P]BLACK3VIL$ Durata inactivitatii: 4MONTHS Motivul inactivitatii: Work Alte cuvinte: Good job everyone for the over 70k gp of this month,i will miss you pirates, it was a honor play with all you, hope to see you as soon as possible, i will back soon ! United Pirates Castle the best gang. United Pirates Castle best family. United Pirates Castle 4 life. ARRRRRRRRR https://imgur.com/a/NFxPJ7S Top 10 members [Loyal.p]Scorpion_ - Points: 5455[Loyal.p]BLACK3VIL$ - Points: 5375[Loyal.p]Hypnos - Points: 3883[Loyal.p]ghost - Points: 3502[Loyal.p]BLAZE - Points: 2787[Loyal.p]Marian - Points: 2751[Loyal.p]Scooby - Points: 2458[Loyal.p]Drop - Points: 2270[Loyal.p]SLay_Boy - Points: 1735[Loyal.p]Moro$aN - Points: 1584
  4. [Loyal.p]BlackevilS

    Happy Birthday,Tiesto!

    Happy birthday bro!!
  5. [Loyal.p]BlackevilS

    La mulți ani, Shady !

    Lma !!!
  6. [Loyal.p]BlackevilS

    Reclamatie Matrix Warn aiurea(Testari moduri)

    @Matrix You cant warn others players for gangchat lenguage, if someone do it you can only /gangkick. If someone use a bad lenguage with you in chat you can /mute he, at least if he use a very bad lenguage or continue to use bad words or insulte you after you have muted that player you can /warn him or ban for a lowers days, if the player use a bad lenguage on /vad or /ad you can warn at 1st advertiment. Its doesent change how matrix said if you writed fk y or fu*k you its an abbreviation that mean same thing, matrix wronged to warn he, at least he needed to use /mute
  7. [Loyal.p]BlackevilS

    Reclamatie P4ul (warn aiurea)

    No warn evidence?
  8. [Loyal.p]BlackevilS

    Idea (amour/health all + giveweaponall)

    @Matrixit's a bomer of these, sometimes it can be done but not spamming all days And you can use it for make more events instead of always using them at randomly
  9. [Loyal.p]BlackevilS

    Idea (amour/health all + giveweaponall)

    Nume pe server: BlackEvil$ Idee/Sugestie: Hi everyone, unitil today server's adminstrators losed the reason for what this cmds need be used. .1 Healthall / Armourall this cmds must be used on events, and not randomly like all is making now, or for give hp to gang members, i saw some admins use it more times when they are online in only 1 day, and use it for purposes useless. If you want set a player health use /SetplayerHealth you dont need to heal all server because for players like me that play for gangs attacks captures it can be annoying bcs if you are capturing and someone heal and armour all if you have full hp your armour will be removed. .2 /Giveallweapon this cmds must be used too only for events and not randomly like now, i was attacking and i had minigun and an admin use giveallweapon camera and i missed mg... it bothers me i dont see the reason why you need give randomly all server weapons you have too /giveplayerweapon so if you have 2/3 friends and you want give them some weapons you can do it but you don't need to give it too all server only bcs you dont have nothing else better to do, how i sayed before for players that play for gangs attack make gp captures it's annoying. So i put this post for add new admin rules and see your opinions too: .1 Healall / Armourall can be used only for events who use it randomly or abuse of it for heal gang members Punishiment: 10-20 awp .2 Giveallweapons can be used only for events too who use it randomly or in the wrong way same Punishiment: 10-20 awp Dont reply with only pro/contra i added poll for vote!
  10. [Loyal.p]BlackevilS

    contestatie [esu.familia]robbO

  11. She bought admin from 1day but its same for me, and i didn't saw the complaint
  12. [Loyal.p]BlackevilS

    Reclamatie .w1NteR [Afk capture]

    Jucatorii care posteaza reply la aceasta reclamatie dar care nu au nici o legatura cu reclamatia vor primi ban.Nume pe RSS: BlackEvil$Numele Adminului pe RSS: .w1NteRMotivul reclamatiei: Afk capture Dovezi: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FsA6Rj8fVKo&feature=youtu.be
  13. [Loyal.p]BlackevilS

    United Pirates Castle - TOP 1

  14. [Loyal.p]BlackevilS

    NEXUS mute,amenda

  15. [Loyal.p]BlackevilS

    United Pirates Castle (memories 2014-2020)

    Thx all for who is continuing to keep up the gang 6 years of UPC "United Pirates Castle gang legend" ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!