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  1. ☠Loyal.p☠BlackEvilS_

    Reclamatie [RSS]Toffe (Probably hacks)

    Its probably, but why when i asked u how u entered into gang base u said u blow the gate for enter? When this is not the true.
  2. ☠Loyal.p☠BlackEvilS_

    Reclamatie [RSS]Toffe (Probably hacks)

    Jucatorii care posteaza reply la aceasta reclamatie dar care nu au nici o legatura cu reclamatia vor primi ban. Nume pe RSS: [Loyal.p]BlackEvil$_ Numele reclamantului: [RSS]Toffe Motivul reclamatiei: How did he enter on gang base with closed gate? Dovezi: VIDEO the only one who can open the gate was afk SCREEN, he said he entered into gang base because he blow the gate, but on video you can see the gate was closed and he was already on gang base and blow gate after he see that he can start /capture without blow the gate. So there are 2 things: .1 Or bcs i was just joined and i see the gate closed for some bug or idk what. .2 Or he used some bugabuse/cheats/hacks for enter into gang base he said to blow the gate for enter on gang base SCREEN but he blow the gate when he was inside. I didnt banned him bcs i wast sure about this, he have a good stats rate SCREEN, is not a newbie player, so if he must be banned he need to get some days more. Wait for his personal defence, or some admins opinions about this.
  3. ☠Loyal.p☠BlackEvilS_

    Idee Admin

    Nume pe server: BlackEvil$_ Idee/Sugestie: .1 When an admin is into a deathmatch or gwar, or something else can use /res cmd without use before /leave. on night when there are no admins online ex(if im playing gwar i get autoreport for fake kill, and with no admins online how can i play with red screen, and at every 15 kills like i get every time autoreport so every time i have red screen and i must /leave the gwar. I think is better like if there is a player reported at /de when i join /de for check and test player if he is clear or using hacks i must use /res on deathmatch too if player is clear, or else i must leave the dm before and after use /res, i think is better for all if an admin can use the cmd /res inside a dm... and for not abuse of these the player had sent report see on chat Ex: (Admin BlackEvil$ /res your report) so if an admin use /res for no reasons he can get complaint by the player had sent the report. .2 /IP cmd should be aviable for all ADMINS not just for RCON only, for check better players aka.
  4. ☠Loyal.p☠BlackEvilS_


  5. Im selling this gang map,its not finished, im working on it, if someone is interesed PM me.


  6. ☠Loyal.p☠BlackEvilS_

    New map (/Basketcar)

    NUME: [Loyal.p]BlackEvil$_NUME MAPA: /basketcar, /basketjump i dont remeber right nameNR OBIECTE: 190POZE/VIDEO MAPA: HerePRET DORIT: 20gems
  7. ☠Loyal.p☠BlackEvilS_

    Reclamatie [woc.brigade]ELChapo // pepsikiller. Cheats

    Banned. http://www.rss-ro.com/logs.php?view=18927
  8. ☠Loyal.p☠BlackEvilS_

    Reclamatie [woc.brigade]ELChapo // pepsikiller. Cheats

    When [Loyal.p]$chwei shoot he dont remove health at all hits its evident, when all shot by [woc.brigade]ELChapo make hits, i play with ping 100 and if im lagging i dont get and make hits at every shoot, and i dont see they have lag and he play with ping 30 so is suspected for me
  9. Who know use pawno can check, 


  10. ☠Loyal.p☠BlackEvilS_

    Help pawno gamemode (pickups bugs)

    This is my gamemode https://pastebin.com/pApApehu when a player enter on pickup for /startjob it show me other pickup return u can try this gm for see the bug on scripts, i tried do like all under on "OnPlayerPickUpPickup" for fix this i add returns under every pickup i put return 1, return 0 , i change if to else if, and it always bugged just change bug, idk how to resove this bugs someone can lock it for give me help pls . Thx for everyone will try help!
  11. Some pawno scripter pm me i need a little help with my sv gm script