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  1. Codera

    Sugestii Damage Informer

    Nume pe server: Codera.cusidid Idee/Sugestie: Damage Informer, like here:
  2. Codera

    Cerere admin [RSS]Toffe

  3. Name: Codera.cusididMovie/ Photo Name: just some kills, nothing more.Video Link/Picture: Description: fragmovie, just music, and gradient, even gun souns haven't been added while i edited it.
  4. Codera

    36 seconds of /prodm

    Name: Codera.cusididMovie/ Photo Name: 36 seconds of Romania Super Stunt /prodmVideo Link/Picture: Description: Fragmovie, when i still could not cbug well and was bad at editing, and was saying [Censored] to everyone
  5. Codera

    Cerere Admin 7kick

  6. Codera

    Propunere Anti-Crasher

    there is anticrasher by export on blasthack by export pro
  7. Codera

    Sugestie Skill Level

  8. Codera

    Cand intru pe un server de "dm-eri"...

    i am not sure, anyway gdm is shit
  9. Codera

    Cand intru pe un server de "dm-eri"...

    не ври dont lie you did ban evade, same as PA on rss ты играешь с баном, тебе п*зда
  10. Codera

    ploblema samp

    reinstall gta, install visual c++, directplay, if you have same problem after reinstall - try removing ASI files. or if it will crash in-game install anticrasher
  11. Jucatorii care posteaza reply la aceasta reclamatie dar care nu au nici o legatura cu reclamatia vor primi ban. Nume pe RSS [LA]Codera Numele Adminului pe RSS: [cP.elite]BLODDY Motivul reclamatiei: ban aiurea + neprezentari Dovezi: http://www.rss-ro.com/unbans.php?view=47296
  12. Nume pe RSS: [LA]CoderaNumele Adminului pe RSS: [cP.elite]BLODDYMotivul reclamatiei: not showing proofs. Dovezi:http://www.rss-ro.com/unbans.php?view=47296 comment by bloody
  13. Your Name: [RPG]Codera Description: after changing name previous nickname got registered and everything in DB was set to NULL. My main account is alive, but i cant changename back to any of them. This was same for account "Codera", and changename doesn't works on them. If you try some nonexisting nick, it will say it. BUt here it is clearly glitched. Photo/Video: https://i.imgur.com/K7vlqi1.png Location: ??? database