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  1. Codera

    Cerere avatar - California

    Post link to stock or DM into discord: Codera#7525
  2. Codera

    Inlocuire /ranks.

  3. Codera

    Cerere admin MRS

  4. Codera

    Problema gta sa.exe

    Install clean gta, Direct Play, DX9, and maybe something else. Works for 99%
  5. Codera


  6. Codera

    problema FPS

    Install cleo called Memory-8GB https://www.gtainside.com/en/sanandreas/mods/96116-memory-4gb-and-8gb
  7. Codera

    [DM] moonpsycho

    Name: [RSS]Codera Movie/ Photo Name: moonpsycho Video Link/Picture: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RuyMgoSIp6M Description: DM fragmovie/edit
  8. Codera

    Cerere admin [esu.familia]Slayer_

  9. Codera

    Cerere admin [T4L.OuTlawz]sad_

  10. Jucatorii care posteaza reply la aceasta reclamatie dar care nu au nici o legatura cu reclamatia vor primi ban. Nume pe RSS: [RK]Codera Numele Adminului pe RSS: wIzz._ Motivul reclamatiei: aimbot Dovezi: https://youtu.be/dtJBRe7UUUE
  11. I would like this, but not every player has pc to even run samp lq textures at 100 fps. And this . . . will destroy (some) player's PC and platform isnt optimised for like 200 players. And GTAIV is not optimized also. Contra
  12. Codera

    Cerere mods

    effects not same, but looking not bad too. https://easyupload.io/oiu1kg haven't found guns.
  13. Codera

    Weapons by X

    Any chance to have PSD from this icons? I want to make other icons like circled, half-transparent etc. i can cut myself but i have big risk of failing cut and doing half-cut