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  1. herc_

    Job - A story with birds

    use this here its romania but its easy to understand before making topic ues translator if u dont understand it.
  2. herc_

    36 seconds of /prodm

    =)) naice
  3. herc_

    Cerere Admin 7kick

    you deserve it pro
  4. herc_

    Cerere deagle + sunet

    deagle https://www.mediafire.com/file/jwwmnn9i9tes97m/Mods.rar/file sound: go at sound 4 maybe its that
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  6. herc_

    Injurat PM

    * Cine nu include in topic si fraza Jucatorii care posteaza reply la aceasta reclamatie dar care nu au nici o legatura cu reclamatia vor primi ban. va avea topicul sters + ban pe forum. * Cine nu include in TITLUL RECLAMATIEI ce abuz a facut primeste Ban (40 Warn Points). (NU TOPIC STERS) Exemplu: - Reclamatie xyz (AIM) ; SAU ; - Reclamatie zyx (Limbaj) ; - Reclamatie yxz (SpawnKill)... ETC Locked & moved.
  7. herc_

    Reclamație CapsLocK_ - aimbot

    anyways yes, now u dont have to say anything of this video and your selfbusted video
  8. herc_

    Reclamație CapsLocK_ - aimbot

    Ohh well and the other two things, and my video ? whats there i think more silent aimbot and the cleo folder well u can remove it that isnt that problem. Silent aim right , u can go on 0,25 to see it exaclty. I mean its cleary to see your s-aim And another tthing that u have aimbot "selfbusted" https://imgur.com/a/XlWKvHz His folder in his folder he removed a file in his cleo before posting see the editing date and now look his date he removed something before posting. And its his desktop
  9. herc_

    Reclamație CapsLocK_ - aimbot

    01:04 Silent aim 01:20 Silent aim 01:52 Silent aim
  10. herc_

    La multi ani Draxler!

    Happy birthday
  11. herc_

    Searching deagle/sound/hitsound

    theres no deagle like in that video i downloaded already
  12. Nick: herc_Screen/Video: What do you need from this picture/video: Sound , Deagle at 00:57/hitsound
  13. herc_

    reclamatie herc_ renko

    And btw you are not highping ? https://imgur.com/a/tqAG740 the first clip is same as my clip. he hitted u in a 360 or backwards because YOU ARE LAGGING BROO i got the upper video from your reclmatie of 7kick aimbot its the sammme clip that u posted but other play er.
  14. herc_

    reclamatie herc_ renko

    what for renko 😂😂 i dont even mean what renko is, well i have enough sniper skills and that with the wall i wanted to predict the enemy wtf i would not upload a video where i hacks wtfff?? iq 0 and here the screenshots https://prnt.sc/qi2oao https://prnt.sc/qi2oaxt there u see i could not have aimbot on my first videos cuz u see the date of edit and this complaint started 1 hour ago. and now seriously😂: what for renko view ???? that is selfbusted if u mean the view when he dies.