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  1. herc_

    La mulți ani, Shady !

    Glückwunsch du spaßt
  2. herc_

    Cerere admin [esu.familia]WEZY

  3. Nick: Staatsdiener_04 Screen/Video: What do you need from this picture/video: Hitsound & Dgl-Sound Who finds it will get 10 gems.
  4. herc_

    La multi ani Azerot !

  5. herc_

    Cerere Admin - dokyo

    Pro was a nice admin
  6. herc_

    Reclamatie Matrx Jail aiuera

    I can say too i have killed Hitler but no video lol. Do u making video when someone has s0b? 😂
  7. Jucatorii care posteaza reply la aceasta reclamatie dar care nu au nici o legatura cu reclamatia vor primi ban.Nume pe RSS: Staatsdiener_04Numele Adminului pe RSS: MatrixMotivul reclamatiei: Jail aiueraDovezi: https://prnt.sc/qy2kdb
  8. herc_

    Idee 4 server

    finally usefulls ideas
  9. herc_

    Happy Birthday 7kick

    happy bday aka rocket
  10. herc_

    La mulți ani XRoyaL

    Belated Bday 😂 trolli glotzer
  11. herc_

    Sugestii Damage Informer

    yes yes
  12. herc_

    Job - A story with birds

    use this here its romania but its easy to understand before making topic ues translator if u dont understand it.
  13. herc_

    36 seconds of /prodm

    =)) naice
  14. herc_

    Cerere Admin 7kick

    you deserve it pro
  15. herc_

    Cerere deagle + sunet

    deagle https://www.mediafire.com/file/jwwmnn9i9tes97m/Mods.rar/file sound: go at sound 4 maybe its that