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  1. Matrix

    GP- [T4L.OuTlawz]Selleya

    GG Selleya!
  2. Matrix

    Happy Birthday, Matrix!

    Thank You Selleya!! ❤️ i won't forget "aka noob" 😂 Thank You all ❤️
  3. Matrix

    Complaint - [T4L.OuTlawz]MAIDEN

    Yes, You do the right thing and I didn't say anything about that, But when a player is an admin or from your team, You must give him a chance because anyone can make mistakes sometimes because we are not infallible in the end we are just a human and this is just a game for fun, And in the end you are just a player like any other player, Don't make it like "You are a cop and he wants justice." Apology accepted, everyone deserves a chance! Lock.
  4. Matrix

    Complaint - [T4L.OuTlawz]MAIDEN

    Are you retarded? I understand what's going on is that you have to make a complaint even on your father if he abused it's your job, But the thing I don't understand is to complain about an old player (Team also) who knows the rules well and he just play for fun, But he Surprised about he got complaint by an idiot boy.. complained to him because he shot a player as he climbed the stairs, So I don't understand what your problem with me? Well, I guess you don't understand what is mean "kid", I'll explain to you what "kid" means, It's mean he's just an idiot boy who makes a complaint about his team for trivial reasons, Because he's a scumbag, Of course he's not the one who gives opportunities because he's taking every opportunity to make a complaint, So we can say you're just Kid who makes complaint about everything. Now about Top 1, Actually I didn't see you at our attack a lot just 3 or 4 times no more, So don't make yourself like you care about gang.. Go look at your GSTATS. I won't take part in any attack anymore before kicking you. X2 I'm Waiting for a reply from @Abecedar_ & @HareeM..
  5. Matrix

    Complaint - [T4L.OuTlawz]MAIDEN

    Hi Toxic, Well, I'm not a new player here, And I know the rules more than you do, And I know I'm wrong, But you didn't give a chance and complained to someone on the team for something that's not worth, What you call that? Isn't it toxic?! I'm really surprised, I didn't expect someone from my team to complain about me, I don't care about AWP, But you just lost my confidence! I have nothing to do with what you're playing or how long you've been at the base, but what I've seen is that you betrayed the gang and the friendship. There is something I didn't understand, That I was shooting “Slade”, And he didn't complain, so I don't understand what your business to make complaint on your team, And Slade's also an admin, But he hasn't forgotten the friendship anyway. It's just a game, Don't be serious and give chances, So you don't lose the confidence of the players. Robbo was right (Bad Teamwork) I won't take part in any attack anymore before kicking you.
  6. Your Nickname : Matrix Nick of the guilty : [T4L.OuTlawz]MAIDEN Photo with /gstats of guilty : - Reason : Toxic Owner Photo(s)/Video'(s) : Another words: I don't understand, I was fighting with UPC for take our base, And he just made stupid complaint. MAIDEN, I didn't expect to get complaint from friend/member for nothing important, What is your problem?! i hope @Abecedar_ & @HareeM. kick this gay, He don't deserves to be member at T4L.
  7. Name: MatrixWhat do you sell/buy: 500 C4 Price offered/wanted: 50 GemsPhoto with status: C4 Bomb
  8. Matrix

    La multi ani Incred!

    Happy Birthday!!
  9. Matrix

    Cerere Admin [T4L]eXotiQ_

    Well, We need a new admin who are active, Because sometimes no one online just me, And He is perfect for that. Good luck!
  10. Matrix

    GP - Matrix

    Thanks, But about tag i don’t want to change my name.
  11. Matrix

    La multi ani DROP🥳

    Happy Birthday!! @DROP
  12. Matrix

    GP - Matrix

    Thanks!! ❤️
  13. Matrix

    GP - Matrix

    UPDATE!! Day: 16 September 2020 Photo of your /gstats: Click Here The diference of your gpoints: From 10K To 15K GP (5K GP) Other Info: Total Points: 15032 GP