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  1. Matrix

    Reclamatie Matrix Warn aiurea(Testari moduri)

    Nice, No one can understand on me. @[Loyal.p]BlackevilS, He said "Fk y" on chat and after warn he started talk on gang chat with bad language. About /mute, i asked before admins and them told me "Bad language with admin = Warn", So I don't know if rules got a change or not. He said something bad, and he knows it, but he cares about his stats, but in same the time he forgot to take care of his tongue.
  2. Matrix

    Reclamatie Matrix Warn aiurea(Testari moduri)

    That's an abbreviation for word "[Censored] you" ,Okay? ( Example: as someone says "FMM" that's an abbreviation. ) And about your stats, it's not my problem. in my language: لا تكن سيء, وانتبه لما تقول في المرة القادمة.. حسنا؟
  3. Matrix

    Reclamatie Matrix Warn aiurea(Testari moduri)

    @El3ktrozZ i told him to stop dm because there is event or jail him but it was joke. You amaze me every day with your intelligence. "Facepalm"
  4. Matrix

    Reclamatie Matrix Warn aiurea(Testari moduri)

    Okay, when i told you “jail” with reason: “Dm at event” i said it in a playful way because I think you are an old player, but i can’t understand why you told me “[Censored] y” for nothing, and when you got mad at me i told you i will tell rcon to set your 1 warn to 0 but you made bad language on chat gang. you deserved it. keep it.
  5. Matrix

    GP - [hTe.legacy]rocky

    GG Bro!
  6. Matrix

    GP - Matrix

    UPDATE!!! +1 Owner
  7. Matrix

    Cerere admin Dex

    Good Player And Old Player, i guess you will be a good admin also!
  8. Matrix

    Mapa Fist Fight (/ff)

    Really Nice! Good Job!
  9. Matrix

    GP - Matrix

    UPDATE!!! Photo of your /GSTATS: Day: 7 April 2020 The difference of your gpoints: - Other Info: 10K GP Picture
  10. Matrix

    Reclamatie Matrix ( Res aiurea )

    Well, You asked me before and i told you i made /duel with him, he have skills with dm. Go make /duel with him and if he is aimbot ban me, ok?
  11. Players that post reply at this complaint but doesn't have to do anything with the complaint will be banned. Name on RSS: Matrix Name of the admin on RSS: [esu.familia]n0thing Reason for complaint: Language Evidence: Picture
  12. Matrix

    Reclamatie Matrx Jail aiuera

    Well, I didn't take a video because it suddenly happened when Happy and I at /lv, when he was in the car and he used /speed on us, so I jailed him for a while. @Happy :) Saw it.
  13. Matrix

    PEET birthday

    Happy Birthday PEET!
  14. Matrix

    Idea Dms/Events (Admins)

    We really need it!