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  1. Admin lvl 5 Finally!



  2. Matrix

    Reclamatie Matrix ( Res aiurea )

    Well, You asked me before and i told you i made /duel with him, he have skills with dm. Go make /duel with him and if he is aimbot ban me, ok?
  3. Players that post reply at this complaint but doesn't have to do anything with the complaint will be banned. Name on RSS: Matrix Name of the admin on RSS: [esu.familia]n0thing Reason for complaint: Language Evidence: Picture
  4. Matrix

    Reclamatie Matrx Jail aiuera

    Well, I didn't take a video because it suddenly happened when Happy and I at /lv, when he was in the car and he used /speed on us, so I jailed him for a while. @Happy :) Saw it.
  5. Hello!

    How i lost my coins? 20K? 😐

    it was 172K Coins. lmao!!!

    Picture: http://www.imgz.ro/view.php?id=250439

    @RuNix @The.Extreme @DjAndy @bkp @☠Loyal.p☠BlackEvilS_


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    2. Matrix


      Not a fair, i worked so hard for that. 😓

    3. Matrix


      This has happened to me before with my money so I don't know how I want my coins back. 

      Edited by Matrix
    4. ☠Loyal.p☠BlackEvilS_


      Buzz gived all like 80k coins, runix removed much coins from like all accounts, i think u will not get back, if runix have more complaint of coins losed for buzz stupid joke,he will reset all coins so its same for all 

  6. Matrix

    PEET birthday

    Happy Birthday PEET!
  7. Matrix

    Idea Dms/Events (Admins)

    We really need it!
  8. Matrix

    Request Captain [Loyal.p]BlackEvil$_

    You are a good player, i think you will be a good captain, Good Luck.
  9. Name: MatrixWhat do you sell/buy: Days: Picture Price offered/wanted: Business: 70 - 80 Gems. House: 30 - 35 Gems. Personal vehicles: 1-Infernus 180 - 200 Gems || 2-Hunter 60 - 65 Gems.Photo with status: For Gems Only.