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  1. Players that post reply at this complaint but doesn't have to do anything with the complaint will be banned. Name on RSS: [RPG]Mrle Name of the admin on RSS: [T4L]Freak Reason for complaint: aimbot Evidence:https://youtu.be/AkRKzQ1P1eo https://youtu.be/83aWLOGnt2U https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bn62-rEKkT8
  2. Then calling others retarded moneky in -1 and pm? yeah life is really beautiful
  3. and u should stop giving me and funni -1 every time u join
  4. Mr.Mrle

    Change Password Problem

    It works now, thank you everybody. Mods can lock this thread it's solved.
  5. Mr.Mrle

    Change Password Problem

    How should I contact him? Can i just send him a pm on forum or do I need to contact him some other way?
  6. Mr.Mrle

    Change Password Problem

    Nume: [RPG]Mrle Problema intampinata: Change Password Problem. I changed my password and secondary password on rss-ro.com. My account is linket to my email so i got an email from rss and it gave me a code and the new password. I go in game and enter /pw (code) befor logging in and it says "Password changed succesfully" I type in my new password and it doesn't work. I type in my old password and it doesn't work. I go on rss-ro.com and enter the new password and it works on the website but it doesn't work in the game. I turned off capslock , tried copying password and it still doesn't work. I then go to "I forgot my password" I get a new password in my email , i do /pw (new code) but it doesn't work. I then tried changing my password again and waiting a few days for server reset but it still doesn't work. Poza[Optional]:http://www.imgx.ro/view.php?id=244517