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  1. [RPG]ConsT

    Cerere Captain [RPG]ConsT

    Nume pe server: [RPG]ConsTAKA: [RPG]ConsT Link stats: http://www.rss-ro.com/playerstats.php?player=[RPG]ConsTVechime pe serv e r: From 2011 (Google Translate didnt help with this so I am just using other posts as reference) Why do you want this rank ?: I got a message on facebook from xroyal about the post where Frankie is saying you guys are looking for English speaker Captains, I am a very old player and everyone and absolutely everyone knows me lol Description in a few words: So as you probably remember I was an admin, a very good one actually, had some record breaking stats reaching top20 in under 3 months with alot of /astats. Heres my last score on Staff Stats as admin https://imgur.com/gallery/7ciAd right now as you all know I am no longer an admin but I am still applying for this rank even though that is the case, If I get accepted I have no problem in donating for gems and buying the admin, I do have gems to buy it but you know me If i do something I go all-in. I am an old veteran player, I currently live in the U.S, I speak fluent English and Russian. I am a very busy man IRL have an everyday job plus my own small business to take care of, but I really really want to help this community in any way. I was always very hesitant about these ranks and even becoming an admin because I was an English player but when I was an admin my Ban counts for cheaters were legendary, I would never let a single /report stay there because I used to solve them instantly. Even when I got demoted over a 1+ year ago till this day people still ask me why and some of them still dont understand why I got demoted. But I do not judge anyone, My demotion was because of something very silly, I was joking with my close friend Racerx when he and peet were trying to change his name so he wouldnt loose his astats and i did /setname on him and interfered with peets work so I got demoted for making racerx loose his /astats. I am not blaming anyone but myself as I am an adult and do not really like to blame things on others. Again I am not an admin, I understand that this position requires an admin but I think I have a certain reputation among this community and all the Generals and Captains know me very well I dont know what else to say, I dont know how many will understand what I have written here because of the language barrier. I do not speak Romanian and I am sorry for this really, I have some people that teach me some words everyday lol but mostly they teach me bad words xD. Love yall even if I get rejected I won't get sad and will still be a member of the community. Again If I need to buy an admin for this and thats the only thing im lacking I will buy it no problem lol Thank You Consty
  2. [RPG]ConsT


    Idk wtf you wrote but pm me next time you come online i fkin miss you my bro
  3. [RPG]ConsT

    Somnik cu 16hp pe discord

    I swear i fucking love yu 16hp ahahahahahahaha fucking king dude. Fuuuck i laughed so hard loool. Thanks 16HP
  4. [RPG]ConsT


    Reclamatie slayer cardm
  5. [RPG]ConsT

    Complaint [esu.familia].Chris. [Jail Abuse]

    Im not lying, you are noone else on map ? Have you ever heard of /invisible ? These are very poor proofs wait for captain/general to respond
  6. [RPG]ConsT

    Complaint [esu.familia].Chris. [Jail Abuse]

    Bro my car isnt even facing you, this shows nothing. Why the hell are you insulting me by calling me dumb? Did i call you dumb or anything like that ? So disrespectful man...
  7. Players that post reply at this complaint but doesn't have to do anything with the complaint will be banned. Name on RSS: [RPG]ConsT Name of the admin on RSS:[esu.familia].Chris. Reason for complaint:Jail Abuse Evidence: [21:38:12] Administrator [esu.familia].Chris. has jailed [RPG]ConsT for 5 minutes [reason: DriveBy/Car DM] my gta cant take screenshot, but i have a ss with my mobile, if this is not enough i can post that too
  8. [RPG]ConsT

    *meeting international 2018*

    Idk what the hell you said mitzy but yo lel
  9. [RPG]ConsT

    Cerere Leader

    @[esu.familia]Brosky pls gangkick Anger -______-
  10. [RPG]ConsT

    Cerere Leader

    bro we need to get 16hp admin so he gets red screen in the middle of gwar
  11. [RPG]ConsT


    Ozil is to blame, MESUT FUCKING OZIL !
  12. [RPG]ConsT

    Joc OldSchool/NewSchool

  13. [RPG]ConsT

    La Multi Ani, Fwp!

    One of the best people i know on rss, my bro fwpy happy birthday man ❤️ You are a fantastic dmer but most of all you are a good guy. Wish you all the best. Luv ya
  14. [RPG]ConsT

    Cerere Admin

    I translated this with google translate and I couldnt agree more. You only want the admin to feel above everyone else, when they say something about you or call you a bad player you can mute warn or do something about it as an admin. If you cant handle critics without admin powers you are not fit to be an admin
  15. [RPG]ConsT

    Cerere Admin

    Absolutely against. He has been banned 2 times for s0b he is never ever helpful to new players. Only thing he does is rage at other gang members. I dont want another admin that wants it to abuse the rules. CONTRA