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  1. Hello everyone, any old guys still playin ? anyone that knows me pls reply i wanna know who still plays lol :D

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. MihuiL
    3. [Loyal.p]$corpion_
    4. Cobalt


      sup bro ,i'm not old but i know you ,when you was admin lvl 5 . ???? It's some time ,no see ! (on Rss)

  2. [RPG]ConsT

    Cerere Captain [RPG]ConsT

    Nume pe server: [RPG]ConsTAKA: [RPG]ConsT Link stats: http://www.rss-ro.com/playerstats.php?player=[RPG]ConsTVechime pe serv e r: From 2011 (Google Translate didnt help with this so I am just using other posts as reference) Why do you want this rank ?: I got a message on facebook from xroyal about the post where Frankie is saying you guys are looking for English speaker Captains, I am a very old player and everyone and absolutely everyone knows me lol Description in a few words: So as you probably remember I was an admin, a very good one actually, had some record breaking stats reaching top20 in under 3 months with alot of /astats. Heres my last score on Staff Stats as admin https://imgur.com/gallery/7ciAd right now as you all know I am no longer an admin but I am still applying for this rank even though that is the case, If I get accepted I have no problem in donating for gems and buying the admin, I do have gems to buy it but you know me If i do something I go all-in. I am an old veteran player, I currently live in the U.S, I speak fluent English and Russian. I am a very busy man IRL have an everyday job plus my own small business to take care of, but I really really want to help this community in any way. I was always very hesitant about these ranks and even becoming an admin because I was an English player but when I was an admin my Ban counts for cheaters were legendary, I would never let a single /report stay there because I used to solve them instantly. Even when I got demoted over a 1+ year ago till this day people still ask me why and some of them still dont understand why I got demoted. But I do not judge anyone, My demotion was because of something very silly, I was joking with my close friend Racerx when he and peet were trying to change his name so he wouldnt loose his astats and i did /setname on him and interfered with peets work so I got demoted for making racerx loose his /astats. I am not blaming anyone but myself as I am an adult and do not really like to blame things on others. Again I am not an admin, I understand that this position requires an admin but I think I have a certain reputation among this community and all the Generals and Captains know me very well I dont know what else to say, I dont know how many will understand what I have written here because of the language barrier. I do not speak Romanian and I am sorry for this really, I have some people that teach me some words everyday lol but mostly they teach me bad words xD. Love yall even if I get rejected I won't get sad and will still be a member of the community. Again If I need to buy an admin for this and thats the only thing im lacking I will buy it no problem lol Thank You Consty
  3. [RPG]ConsT


    Idk wtf you wrote but pm me next time you come online i fkin miss you my bro
  4. [RPG]ConsT

    Somnik cu 16hp pe discord

    I swear i fucking love yu 16hp ahahahahahahaha fucking king dude. Fuuuck i laughed so hard loool. Thanks 16HP
  5. [RPG]ConsT


    Reclamatie slayer cardm
  6. [RPG]ConsT

    Vreau sa revin.

    My brother in arms <3 absolutely Pro. I miss playing with you ;(
  7. [RPG]ConsT

    Complaint [esu.familia].Chris. [Jail Abuse]

    Im not lying, you are noone else on map ? Have you ever heard of /invisible ? These are very poor proofs wait for captain/general to respond
  8. [RPG]ConsT

    Complaint [esu.familia].Chris. [Jail Abuse]

    Bro my car isnt even facing you, this shows nothing. Why the hell are you insulting me by calling me dumb? Did i call you dumb or anything like that ? So disrespectful man...
  9. Players that post reply at this complaint but doesn't have to do anything with the complaint will be banned. Name on RSS: [RPG]ConsT Name of the admin on RSS:[esu.familia].Chris. Reason for complaint:Jail Abuse Evidence: [21:38:12] Administrator [esu.familia].Chris. has jailed [RPG]ConsT for 5 minutes [reason: DriveBy/Car DM] my gta cant take screenshot, but i have a ss with my mobile, if this is not enough i can post that too
  10. [RPG]ConsT

    *meeting international 2018*

    Idk what the hell you said mitzy but yo lel

    1. zirex


      wtf who are u ?


    2. PaKisTaNi


      4 hours ago, zirex said:

      wtf who are u ?




    3. [RPG]ConsT
  12. [RPG]ConsT

    Cerere Leader

    @[esu.familia]Brosky pls gangkick Anger -______-
  13. [RPG]ConsT

    Cerere Leader

    bro we need to get 16hp admin so he gets red screen in the middle of gwar
  14. [RPG]ConsT


    Ozil is to blame, MESUT FUCKING OZIL !
  15. [RPG]ConsT

    Joc OldSchool/NewSchool