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  1. Fourstroke_

    La multi ani, Draxler!

    Lma drax
  2. Fourstroke_

    reclamatie FOURSTROKE. fpm aiurea

    Haha kinda funny but let's make it done. The guy accused me for "abusing" car dm --> https://postimg.cc/Ffk5fkPN and then ignored pm. I just tried to talk with him about lies he said out so I used /fpm since there wasn't other way to speak with him. I think conversation is more acceptable way to fix problems than being here on forum. I didn't do car dm so I have the right to ask what's wrong. Please leave me out of this childish games if you have nothing to complain about
  3. Fourstroke_

    Cerere admin - [T4L.OuTlawz]KaTaNa

    Noob but
  4. Fourstroke_

    [Revenire] mL42O_=]

    Welcome back bro
  5. Fourstroke_

    La mulți ani, Peet!!

    La multi ani
  6. Fourstroke_

    Cum sa joci samp de pe telefon

    Gwar Darius? Haha
  7. Fourstroke_

    problema account locked

    I have same problem, my acc keep getting locked over and over again. 14 days I have locked account, my vip gold is on another account (which is also locked) so please fix it asap @RuNix https://postimg.cc/kVQcJSwS
  8. Fourstroke_

    Sugestie ieftinire preturi din shop .

    runix will not approve this. Lower prices are not his interest, he just can faster lose players who did 10/10 stats too much and have nothing to buy anymore. Btw money keeps this server alive. as long as you donate he has profit =]]
  9. Fourstroke_

    Complaint Legola$ warn abuse

    nah I have nothing against you. its not a word to insult someone. can anyone remove my warn? https://postlmg.cc/N2QXWJ4z
  10. Fourstroke_

    Complaint Legola$ warn abuse

    Players that post reply at this complaint but doesn't have to do anything with the complaint will be banned. Name on RSS: [T4L.OuTlawz]FOUR Name of the admin on RSS: Legola$ Reason for complaint: warn abuse. Evidence: Do you even know what does "kurwa" means? It is usually used to simply say "[fk it]" instead of [fk it] I wrote "kurwa". What's wrong with you? its a polish word which gamers use to say [f*k it or shit, ugh whatever] @Legolas -> https://postimg.cc/N2QXWJ4z
  11. Fourstroke_

    Complaint [RSS]V1oLenT_ (jail abuse)

    o.O what?? do you have proof or not?
  12. Players that post reply at this complaint but doesn't have to do anything with the complaint will be banned. Name on RSS: [T4L.OuTlawz]FOUR Name of the admin on RSS: [RSS]V1oLenT_ Reason for complaint: jail abuse Evidence: Mr. V1olent read rules. Drive by is shoting from car with gun / vehicle on player and make him lose a health. NOT CAR VS CAR LMAO =))))))))))))))))))))))) post a video
  13. Fourstroke_

    Cerere admin ZAK.

    new player, not familiar with all rules, got busted on another server for aimbot. I think that's enough to reject his request. You would be the last person who deserves admin rank, repeat your application for 4-5 years then your chances will be maybe 10% higher =)) goodbye
  14. Yeah, that's me. When I'm making complaint I'm 100% sure about what I'm complaining. You have used aimbot and I can keep saying it over and over again. When you joined to lagshot server [no reclamation] we got a message by AC which detected your aimbot so me personally found out the truth about you and its enough. Its amazing how you can fool this guys here all this time. Nvm ZAK. you are just another jobless bum living off their parents with no fucking plan for the future. Imagine how sad your life must be that you cheated in dead game 2k20. Few old players recognized your aimbot, but unfortunately they don't have permission to make decisions just like me. Keep playing from shadow with your little cheat because your real skills can't be compared with 90% of dmers here. I've spent like 3 hrs in spec mode on the head of this guy, thats why I'm trying to prove his aimbot. I bet any of you who will make a decision didn't spent like more than 10 minutes to spec him. The fact that he's avoiding make SS of GTA folder says enough, he's hiding something, but never mind, right? You guys got everything served, but you would rather complaining about my fps and shits.. Too much words for a person like you zak. When he was new you all accused him for aimbot and he got banned with only one video 7 sec long and few pictures, but rullz gave him another chance. Now I gave you like 5 minute of him using aimbot on/off and y'all pretending like nothing happend, suspicion player like him must be taken more seriously. Btw don't ever dare come back on lagshot sv anymore, you will end up with ban immediately I swear. Its time to leave the server because I don't see myself among cheaters like this guy and you all pretending like its normal, kinda sad rss. Disappointed af. bye
  15. He can easily prove that he's not guilty with screenshoting GTA FOLDER, but he doesn't want. the case might be done right now, but obviously he's hiding aimbot :)))) . @ZAK why are you so quiet suddenly? I asked the right question, huh? If someone is blind: 0:30 - 0:34 , 0:57 - 1:00 (He shot in the wall lmao, cuz he's crosshair following the character) 0:34 - 0:39 , 1:36 - 1:39 and whole this video