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  1. Thunder.

    Happy Birthday,Tiesto!

    Happy Birthday brooooo ❤️ Where are you these days??
  2. Thunder.

    United Pirates Castle 2020 (some screens)

  3. Thunder.

    Problem Server/Host

  4. Thunder.

    Problem Server/Host

    If the players post for only +1 but don't help the user with something they will receive +20 warning point. Name: [T4L.OuTlawz]Thunder Problem Encountered: I don't know why only this server lags like trash. I want to play here but i don't because players don't get Hits (Damage). Maybe its a problem with the Host. It's really annoying to play like that, i rarely join this server these days & when joined i just play for 5 minutes because of trash host. I have played on many servers and there i donot face this problem. I request @RuNix to fix this problem as it's really annoying Picture[Optional]:
  5. Thunder.

    GWAR vs T4L

  6. Nick: [T4L.OuTlawz]Thunder Mod name: How to increase fps GTA SA Pictures/Video: Does it make lag?: No Download: In Description Credits:
  7. Thunder.

    FRAGMOVIE - Romania Super Stunt

    Nicee bro
  8. Thunder.

    Happy Birthday 7kick

    Happy Birthday Bro
  9. Thunder.

    La multi ani nagaz0r

    Happy Birthday Nagazor broooooo ❤ ❤ ❤
  10. Thunder.

    La multi ani Selleya !

    Happy Birthday Brooo
  11. Thunder.

    RAGE | Like !!

  12. Thunder.

    [esu.familia]Anger - gangpoints.

    Keep going
  13. Thunder.

    La multi ani incred!

    Happy Birthday Bro !!!
  14. Thunder.

    GP - Matrix

    Gg bro..
  15. Thunder.

    Happy birthday Thunder!!

    Thank You everyone for your warm wishes ❤