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  1. FuNNi

    La multi ani Selleya!

    Happy birthday selleya
  2. FuNNi

    Reclamatie Aqua [aimbot]

    aim? my ping is 100 - 200 @[esu.familia]robbO @El3ktrozZ
  3. FuNNi

    Propunere modificare sanctiuni

    1. if its not used in DM or for abuse yeah its okay i think πŸ˜• maybe not even jail nor kick 2. okay 3. this is the smallest problem i don't even know why admins kick for this and about the events its 40 players min to start server event i think the number should go down a little maybeπŸ˜•
  4. Jucatorii care posteaza reply la aceasta reclamatie dar care nu au nici o legatura cu reclamatia vor primi ban. Nume pe RSS: FuNNi_. Numele Adminului pe RSS: kentf0rd.) Motivul reclamatiei: aim Dovezi:
  5. FuNNi

    Reclamaie FuNNi_. [mute aiurea]

    and "pl" means? .. if you said only pl i would if said hm maybe he wanted do say ok, but what does this mean "bag ok" + i translated πŸ˜…
  6. FuNNi

    Bug job

    Nickname: FuNNi_. Job: Skimmer Emergency Poza unde este problema: Detalii: in this job the skimmer won't to up, there is only one way(the second video) it would be better if the skimmer is changed with a boat maybe a speeder
  7. FuNNi

    New shop signs !

    yeah pro needs a change a little
  8. FuNNi

    Problem solved, sorry...

    I didn't said it's broken do you have your glasses on because I was talking about the scroll only, and the 300 ping I already said that I was uploading a video but it seems like you can't understand a thing, "Teleporting"? hah after you click once and scroll after the shot and you are in the center of the screen and you click once again and you get a hit, that means aimbot to you wow
  9. FuNNi

    Problem solved, sorry...

    I don't think there is anything wrong with the crosshair, when I shoot I just click and scroll, my mouse scroll doesn't work properly and sometimes it goes to deagle so when I shoot with it sometimes I hit you, and the ping was 300 because u made me upload a video.. and you can see in the end somewhere 1:13 that i don't have cleo or anything...
  10. FuNNi

    Problem solved, sorry...

    Where is the rocket abuse? about the lag cs, my ping is 100 sometimes it goes up, plus i don't use mods or anything i don't even have cleo on gta I'm using the original gta and in his video he shoots me and i shoot him and we both have vweapons on i get my hp back and here is a video about aim and that i dont have cleo or any mods I have one more video when they come again at my base after like 3 - 4 minutes I could upload it if needed because my upload speed is really bad
  11. FuNNi

    Idea Blow/Repair gang gate

    it happened to me to repair gate with /god by mistake, lucky no gang member rivals weren't there xD
  12. FuNNi

    Happy Birthday 7kick

    I hope all your wishes become true, and get everything u want in your life, because life is small, and you should be bigger than life anyway Happy Birthday to my friend @7kick. πŸ˜„