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  1. FuNNi

    Idea Blow/Repair gang gate

    it happened to me to repair gate with /god by mistake, lucky no gang member rivals weren't there xD
  2. FuNNi

    Happy Birthday 7kick

    I hope all your wishes become true, and get everything u want in your life, because life is small, and you should be bigger than life anyway Happy Birthday to my friend @7kick. 😄
  3. FuNNi

    La mulți ani XRoyaL

    La multi aniii
  4. FuNNi

    Cerere Admin 7kick

    I read the whole thing, of course with google translate I think you will be a good admin, and sanction the players who break the rules, use hacks or talk dirty, good luck
  5. FuNNi

    Reclamatie FuNNi_. jail aiurea

    yeah we were trying to capture base and you hit people with your bike, so that they can't shoot you
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  7. FuNNi


  8. FuNNi

    Sugestie DRIFT POINTS

  9. FuNNi

    Sugestie EVENT

  10. FuNNi

    T4L's party ruined by Moro

    that c4 was cool